The cross trainer is also called elliptical, and it is one of the most popular fitness machines in addition to the home trainer. Training on a cross trainer you can do easily at home. You train your entire body on an elliptical trainer. Movement on the device are made with both your legs and your arms. In addition, you also train the muscles in the abdomen, lower back, chest, back and shoulders. Read our tips about buying a cross trainer or elliptical machine online, and read reviews!

Cross Trainer – Losing weight

The cross trainer is a widely used fitness machine, both at home and in the gym. The device is popular because it trains all muscle groups: both the arm muscles, the leg muscles and the muscles in the back and abdomen. In addition, the device is easy to use. Of course it is necessary to check all the settings a few times and to make the device your own. But if that is successful, then exercises are suddenly a lot more fun. Buy a cross trainer? Read what to look out for and more!

  • The more intensively you use the device, the more calories you burn. By exercising on a cross trainer or elliptical trainer you burn on average 8 to 14 calories per minute.
  • Cross trainers are safe devices and they are extremely easy to use. If you stop, the elliptical machine also stops.

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To the gym or an elliptical trainer at home?

Nowadays you can see rows and rows of cross trainers in the gym, which athletes enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are a trained athlete or a beginner, the device can be set up so everybody can enjoy a good workout. That is important, because if you go beyond your limit or if you do not use the elliptical machine in the right way, injuries are lurking. You often have professional elliptical trainers at the gym, but you can also buy a cross trainer at home.

If you are going to use equipment in the gym, always be well informed first. We know there are no instructors at home who can explain things to you. But there are plenty of other ways to exercise at home safely. Of course you first read the manual, but there are also many instructional videos with explanations on YouTube. That way, a good and safe workout is possible for everyone!

Before you start training

Before you start training on the cross trainer, it is important to take the following steps into account.

    1. Warming up – Make sure you are properly warmed up. Stretch your arms and legs and make sure your muscles are loose.
    2. Feet firmly on the pedals – When you stand on the device, make sure you place your feet centrally on the pedals. Are you standing strong? Then you can get started.
    3. A straight back – Stay upright. It is important not to bend too far or lean back when you are exercising. This way you prevent unnecessary injuries to your back.

Set up your device properly! If you train too lightly, your training will have little effect. Nobody can benefit from wasting time. Certainly if you train to lose weight, for example, it makes no sense to train lightly. Then you will not burn any calories, so you will not lose anything in weight. Exercising too heavily is also not a good idea. You will not be able to sustain that for long, while losing weight and building muscle mass, for example, it is important to do endurance training. In addition, overweight training often results in annoying injuries. You can easily buy a cross trainer online.

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