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Highlights of the Life Fitness cross trainer

Life Fitness is undoubtedly a global leader in the industry of fitness. Life Fitness is innovating highly unique, new and amazing fitness equipment for more than 40 years. They started with the very first “the Lifecycle” electronic stationary bike which was certainly a wonder in the fitness industry. Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto are the founders of life fitness. However, at the present time, the company is manufacturing, selling and designing both residential and commercial fitness tools.

The life fitness cardio products line is featuring elliptical cross-trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, and stair climbers. While the strength products line is featuring circuit series equipment and the brand line of plate-loaded the Hammer Strength. Life Fitness is well-known for bringing innovations in the design, look, and technology of fitness equipment. All of their fitness products are containing some amazing features which are making them special than other similar equipment. To know why these cross trainers or elliptical machines are special, you must have a look at the following information:

Special features which you can find in Life Fitness’ products

Life Fitness is certainly producing some amazing and excellent workout machines. All of their equipment has made up of high-quality materials. These have the ability to run for a longer period of time with ease. Even more, these are the most reliable and special fitness tools which you can ever have. Do you want to know what makes the life fitness cross trainer or elliptical more special? Well, you must have a look at the following amazing features to know better in this regard. Knowing these features is certainly going to be beneficial for you.

Incredibly quiet

This is one of the most amazing features which is making Life Fitness equipment highly amazing and special. All of the amazing products of Life Fitness are based on WhisperStride technology. Which is using the ball barring which is maintenance-free to reduce friction in the best possible way. Resultantly, the exercising tool certainly will get the ability to operate in a quiet mode with ease.

The use of this amazing technology is making the equipment incredibly silent. Life Fitness is offering amazing products to exercise even at home. Most interestingly, these tools are not only easier on your joints but can also help in enjoying a noiseless experience. Due to this Life Fitness exercising tools can be the best choice for you to avail. Especially, if you want to exercise without disturbing the people around you.

Premium equipment mats

Almost every elliptical or cross trainer of Life Fitness contains the most comfortable and premium quality mats. These equipment mats have the ability to prolong the life of your flooring and equipment in the best possible way. Even more, these are being designed in a more effective way to increase the stability of exercise. Most interestingly, these premium equipment mats are meant to enhance the usage of the equipment.

Fantastic build quality

Life Fitness focuses more on bringing highly durable build quality. The welded handles are fantastically solid and sturdy. While the thickness and durable feel of Life Fitness commercial and residential exercising equipment can give you a true feel. Even more, comfortable paddling systems can also give you an amazing experience.

High-tech features

Most of the exercising tools of Life Fitness are loaded with amazingly helpful workout programs. These contain various high-tech features to improve your training experience. These features will help you to target specific muscles in a more effective way. Most of these tools contain built-in touch pulse sensors into the crossbars. Even more, some of these, offer Bluetooth connectivity while others containing USB connectivity options to connect other devices.

Reasons they are the best

Here are the most common reasons which can make Life Fitness best to choose:

  • Reliable tools
  • Comfortable builds
  • Prolonged lifespans
  • Most of the standard life fitness warranty options contain 1 to 3 years of warranty options.
  • High-tech technology
  • Club quality

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Some of the top products of Life Fitness

Do you want to know some of the most amazing products of Life Fitness? Well, have a look at the following amazing options:

Club Series + Elliptical Cross-Trainer: 

This is the residential version of the commercial cardio series of Life Fitness. It comes with the most advanced features. While the features are including multi-grip moving handles, oversized pedals and foam rollers along with integrated resistance control.

Activate series elliptical cross-trainer:

This is an amazing option for both workout regulars and exercise cookies. This is a sleek machine with high-level durability. While it can be a perfect asset to facilitate any size with ease. Even more, you can also get access to valuable data regarding equipment usage.

Life Fitness E3 Elliptical: 

This is an amazing setup that comes with multi-position grips. Even more, it adds better design and resistance thumb control along with moving bars.


Life Fitness is bringing amazing innovations to the fitness world. It is always providing the best and high-tech exercising tools to benefit their users. Even more, it offers an amazing range of products with preferable features. A life fitness exercising tool is certainly going to be the best investment you can ever make.



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