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Roger Black

Get a Roger Black cross trainer for a perfect body

Roger Black is an exclusive fitness brand from Argos, specializing in low-budget training equipment. The Roger Black cross-trainer models has become more popular among home athletes who have little budget. Roger Black elliptical machines target people who are willing to have a workout at home on a good budget. They are exclusively sold by Argos in the UK and you have the choice between several models. We think the best model is the Roger Black Gold 2 in 1 Exercise Bike.

Special features Roger Black Ellipticals

Roger Black models are worth considering whether you need a black cross trainer or an elliptical without spending a fortune. Roger Black Fitness has no proportion of brands like Schwinn, Reebok, NordicTrack and other reputable training equipment manufacturers. In general, it is believed that Roger Black elliptical trainers are the best durable models. The Roger Black cross trainers provide an effective workout for the beginners. There are some special features that are available only in their products.nHere are some of the special features of Roger Black only available in their products. 

Control console

You can ignore the importance of the console when comparing features. But if you want to track your progress, inspire yourself during your workout, and be able to create your own workouts, the control panel features are important. On the Plus model, you get a basic controller that works with the battery. On Gold and Platinum models, you have a more robust set of options; however, the consoles are main operated.


These are all self-assembly products for the home. Moreover, the assembly of Roger Black cross trainers is very simple. However, gold and platinum models are more complex and therefore difficult to build. In addition, they are heavier and can, therefore, be used for two people. All models come with the necessary tools to assemble them. You do not need to find any screwdrivers or extra keys.

Flywheel with magnetic resistance

The area where the magnetic bike would have issues is the flywheel and the resistance training. The flywheel is considerably lighter than other luxury bikes, giving it a slightly less expensive feel than a durable cross trainer. The good news is that the bike’s magnetic resistance system compensates for this flywheel weight and has a very consistent pattern at all times.

Self-leveling pedals

Roger Black cross trainers have added adjustable handlebars and self-leveling pedals. The self-leveling pedals are a really nice addition that eliminates the need to bend over and place your feet every time you want to start exercising. 

Integrated training programs

Roger Black offers a preprogrammed exercise. These programs make you feel like you’re working in a variety of areas including mountains, plateaus, and hills. You can opt for your workout centered on your specific goal for fitness such as Fat Burn. In case you are considering   mixing the things up and challenging yourself with a surprising workout, you can choose Random. Users can also choose the manual project and configure the type of training they want each time. 

Reasons why they are good

If you’re just looking for a versatile cross-trainer to help you stay in shape while staying on budget, the Roger Black cross-trainer will be a good choice. Here are some of the reasons why Roger Black is the best. Let’s have a look at these obvious reasons:


The flywheel prevents users from reaching a certain level of intensity during their training. Those who want to burn more calories or work harder will have to choose a machine with a heavier wheel. However, the lightweight flywheel makes it a suitable choice for beginners. 

Adjustable seat

Often, you cannot find the option of an adjustable seat that slides vertically and horizontally on your training bike at such low prices. This is a good addition, as it really allows you to take a comfortable dose during your workout. As the seat is adjustable, it will be very easier to use.

LCD display

The LCD module included with Roger Black Plus is very basic compared to other brands. This may be suitable for some users. However, if you are looking for advanced training programs and feedback, you will need to increase your budget and buy a different crosstrainer.

However, Roger Black Plus has a number of basic observations, including monitoring of speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories. Heart rate monitoring is recorded from the sensors on the buttons, which is a good addition that is not usually found in magnetic bikes.

roger black gold cross trainer

Best Fitness Products

Roger Black offers a range of versatile fitness products. However, here is a list of the top 5 best Roger Black products. Let’s have a look at these products

  1. Roger Black Gold
  2. Roger Black Plus
  3. The Roger Black Manual Aerobic
  4. Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike
  5. Roger Black Gold Folding


Roger Black Plus is a good choice for those looking for a good quality elliptical machine with a limited budget. Besides that, it lacks the advanced features you could find on many other expensive brands. You will have the opportunity to use it in any room and you will not pay much!



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